Discover La Quinta’s Hidden Gem: Old Town Delights, Lifestyle, and Real Estate

Welcome to the American Dream with Sinclair Real Estate, where we explore not just properties, but the lifestyle, culture, and community in La Quinta. In this hidden gem of the Coachella Valley, you’ll discover the delightful Cali Rosina, a unique tea and chocolate shop. Inspired by health and a desire for positive lifestyle changes, Cali Rosina offers the best of California with their famous avocado toast made from ripe California avocados. Looseleaf tea and high-quality chocolate are more than just treats; they come with a range of medicinal benefits. Jody Smith, the owner, shares their passion for incorporating fresh, local ingredients into their drinks, creating a unique and refreshing experience. Whether you’re a tea lover or simply seeking a vibrant community, Cali Rosina is a must-visit.

Old Town La Quinta, a vibrant downtown area, is surrounded by championship golf courses, ideal lodging options, and a bustling entertainment scene. Live bands perform on the weekends, making it a lively destination. If you’re more inclined toward fitness, there are ample outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, and yoga. Just a short distance away, La Quinta Resort offers a fantastic community with condos for rent and top-notch restaurants. It’s also home to PGA West communities, featuring multiple golf courses used for the prestigious American Express Golf Tournament. Don’t miss the iconic Stadium Course, famous for the challenging 17th hole. We invite you to explore Old Town La Quinta and experience the unique blend of lifestyle, culture, and community that defines this hidden gem in the Coachella Valley.

Ready to experience the American Dream in La Quinta? Join us in Old Town La Quinta and explore the vibrant community, delicious treats, and outdoor activities. Discover your dream home and lifestyle with Sinclair Real Estate. Contact us today!

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